Hello, I'm Dave.

Web Developer. Technology Geek. Privacy Enthusiast.

About Me

My name is Dave, a 32 year old web developer, technology geek, and privacy enthusiast, from Scotland.

When I have spare time, I usually spend it with family and friends and other people who are close and mean a great deal to me. Other times you will most likely find me either working on a personal project of mine, or chilling in front of some video streaming service. Before reporting me missing, check the kitchen, as food is pretty high up on the priority list too. ;)


Web Design & Development
HTML, CSS, PHP, Multimedia

Web Hosting & Servers
cPanel & WHM, Linux & LAMP, Cloud Virtual Machines

Domain Name Services (DNS)
Registering / Transferring / Renewing Domains, DNS Records, DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Data Protection
Off-Site Backups, Password Protection, Password Management, Encryption

Customer Service
Communication, Listening, Problem Solving

Contact Me

For professional communication, email is probably best.

[email protected]
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For personal messages, you can also email, or you can find me on these messaging platforms.

Threema - Session - Signal - Telegram

Initially send me an email with your app choice and how I can reach you on there. I may be willing to use an alternative communication method if asked nicely.